Describe one thing you’re learning in class today.

We learned about .this and findIndex. The .this method allows two seperate functions to access the same variable without any conflict. The findIndex method allows you to find at which index a certain string or array number is found.

What’s the difference between: function Person(){}, var person = Person(), and var person = new Person()?

Function Person(){} will declare a function but will not execute it. It requires code in the curly brackets to do so. Var Person = Person(): Person() will equal Person but because there is nothing there to define or declare anything, they both will be returned undefined. And finally var person = new Person(); this is a constructor because of the word new. You would attach .this method to a function and it would multiple functions to access that variable at one time.

What language constructions do you use for iterating over object properties and array items?

You would use different types of for() loops depending on the situation you are in.

What is the event loop?

The event loop runs our code line by line and waits for events such as console.log and other events and then outputs that code to the terminal.

What is the difference between call stack and task queue?

A call stack essentially calls multiple functions at a time while a task queue holds the code and dispatches it one at a time.

What are the differences between ES6 classes and ES5 function constructors?

ES6 defines an object and appends functions to its prototype. ES5 focuses more on how the objects are instantiated.